RICS with emergency recommendations

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is a UK-based global professional body that applies the highest international standards in real estate appraisal, project management and development, construction and infrastructure. .

With over 134,000 highly qualified trainees and professionals and offices in every major financial market, RICS is in a position to influence policy and embed standards in local markets, so as to best protect consumers and businesses.

In Bulgaria there are 40 individuals members of RICS and several companies regulated by RICS.

In today's times of uncertainty and emergency, we look to the recommendations of RICS. The effects of the COVID-19 virus affect all areas of our work and daily activities. The exact consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak are still unknown. RICS recommends that its members maintain professionalism and transparency in their work, comply with the restrictions imposed by local authorities and properly address the limitations in their work. If, in some assignments, there is a change from the usual way of working with clients, this should be reflected in a written document. This also concerns possible limited access to information or inability to inspect the property. Different markets react differently to COVID-19 and if the evaluator considers that there is significant uncertainty at the date of the evaluation, he is obliged to mention this in his report and the need to update the evaluation in a shorter period than usual.

KPO, a professional association of which a significant number of RICS members are members, hereby fully supports and implements the policies, guidelines and responsibilities of our colleagues around the world.