Who are we

The Chamber of the Professional Valuers is an independent, not-for-profit, private sector organization. It is founded on the principles of Expertise, Experience, Integrity and Honesty.

The chamber contributes to the development of the valuation profession. Its members recognize their responsibility to the public and the business by adopting the best practices of the global valuation profession. Its members are committed to providing the highest levels of professionalism in their dealings with clients.

The chamber exists and operates for the benefit of its members, and commits to pursue and maintain high professional standards. It is diligent in its efforts to strengthen and uphold the ethical principles of professional valuation practice.

The chamber creates opportunities and encourages  fruitful communication between the valuers, sharing of ideas, knowledge, news and business trends, thus helping its members to develop their potential. 

CPV keeps tight relationship with employers’ organizations in Bulgaria - BICA, KRIB, etc., participates in discussions held by public institutions

Managing bodies

Management Board

Tzenka Bojilova MRICS, REV RV – Chairperson


  • Vanya Asenova
  • Martin Bochev
  • Manu Moravenov
  • Kiril Gochev

Control Committee


  • Viktor Genev – Chairman
  • Nikola Kedov
  • Nikolay Markov

Committee of Professional Ethics


  • Steliana Kostova, REV  – Chairperson
  • Andrey Filev, REV
  • Nadya Nedelcheva

Ethic Code

Code of Ethics of Professional Valuers

The Code of Ethics defines the basic rules and principles of professional activity of the Chamber of Professional Valuers (CPV). The Code is developed taking into account the best professional practices in various international Valuers Associations.

Members of the Chamber of Professional Valuers should:

apply the valuer’s methods and approaches aligned with the best professional practices and approved standards;

observe the moral standards, objectivity, loyalty, competence and respect in relations with clients, with other users of the valuation services, and with the professional community;

operate conscientiously when using confidential information;

be competent in the field of valuation, to possess the required knowledge and skills, to constantly maintain their professional qualification;

observe the moral standards and conscientious competition, based on quality and professional  valuation services, deliver unprejudiced opinion when reviewing other colleagues’ valuation reports.