About us

The Chamber of the Professional Valuers is an independent, not-for-profit, private sector organization. It is founded on the principles of Expertise, Experience, Integrity and Honesty.

Founded in 2009, the Chamber supports the profession of the independent valuers in favour of the public in Bulgaria by means of:

Implementation of the best international valuation practices

Align with the Code of Ethics of the valuer

Organization of courses and seminars to maintain and enhance the qualification of the professional valuers 

The Chamber of Professional Valuers is officially acknowledged by TEGoVA to award the designation REV – Recognised European Valuer to valuers in Bulgaria - physical persons, members of the CPV.

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Members of he Chamber of Professional Valuers are the largest appraisal and consulting companies in Bulgaria, which have a long tradition and a high level of professionalism. Our members are also proven professionals - individuals. Thus, more than 300 appraisers are involved in the professional events of CPV, providing over 75% of the appraisal services in the country.

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The Chamber of Professional Valuers is the first professional appraisal organization in Bulgaria to start certifying its members with REV status in Bulgaria - Recognized European Valuer - awarded by TEGoVA - The European Group of Valuation Associations.

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Ethics Code

Compliance with professional rules of ethics and norms is a fundamental requirement for all members of the Chamber of Professional Valuers who strictly adhere to our Code of Ethics.

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Get acquainted with the news related to the Chamber of Professional Valuers covering the whole range of activities of our association and members themselves.

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The Chamber of Professional Valuers organizes seminars and trainings for appraisers in Bulgaria by sharing best professional practices with the support of national and international experts. See also the program here:

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International Activities

The Chamber of Professional Valuers maintains an excellent partnership with the leading European and world organizations and associations representing the appraisal community at the highest level.

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