KPO position with regard to ensuring the continuity of the evaluation activity in the conditions of deteriorating situation as a result of COVID-19

The Chamber of Professional Appraisers is concerned about the increased prevalence of COVID-19 in the country. In this situation, we again turn to all fellow evaluators and our clients, expressing our appeal to return to the recommendations we issued in March 2020:

  • To use as much as possible the technical and information means in order to avoid direct contacts with clients and clients. For secure exchange of information with contracting authorities that do not have ready-made solutions to use secure cloud solutions or FTP.
  • To ensure the continuity of the appraisal process without entering the homes of individuals and without physical contact between the appraiser, the client, the client and third parties;
  • To provide the opportunity for the maximum number of employees to work from home, for which we seek the understanding of our customers and partners;
  • To warn the contracting authorities, and in particular the banks with which our members have contracts, that the temporary inspection engagement in the appraisal of appraisers must be deemed to have been carried out under the following alternative conditions:
Photos (possibly also videos) of the evaluated object should be taken by its owner / user with the included function for recording the date and the exact time of the photo. The photographic material must give a clear idea of ??the condition of the object under assessment. We recommend that, with the consent of the owners / users, remote inspections by appraisers be performed in real time via a video connection through the available mobile phone applications and other appropriate equipment.
The above should also apply to external inspections. If necessary and after the respective precautionary measures, it is allowed to perform an external inspection and photos by an assessor while avoiding physical contact and without using public transport.
  • To ensure the security of the communication, we recommend that the photo and video material, which are not made by an appraiser, be sent to the appraiser from a verified e-mail address of the assignor, and when it is a bank by the bank employee assigning the appraisal.
  • Evaluation reports should be sent only through electronic channels, and when necessary signed with QES. In accordance with applicable assessment standards, assessment reports shall explicitly indicate how the inspection will be performed.

We urge all our members to use only electronic forms of communication.